The Mix Range

Our very first range of Premium rosettes first introduced in 2006! Each rosette features a combination (Mix!) of ruffle and box pleat and either star points (S) or double leaves (L). Available in both regular (5cm) and large (6.8cm) centre sizes.

N.B. Printed tails and metallic ribbon shown are not included in the price



M502L/M502S £2.00 5.0cm centre, 12.5cm diameter, 25cm tails
M503L/M503S £2.60 5.0cm centre, 14.5cm diameter, 30cm tails
M504L/M504S £3.20 5.0cm centre, 16.5cm diameter, 35cm tails
M682L/M682S £2.40 6.8cm centre, 15.0cm diameter, 30cm tails
M683L/M683S £3.00 6.8cm centre, 17.0cm diameter, 35cm tails
M684L/M684S £3.60 6.8cm centre, 18.5cm diameter, 40cm tails
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