In anticipation of the projected progress of COVID-19 in the UK we acknowledge that both we and our customers may face challenges and offer the following information and advice in the hope that any disruption can be kept to a minimum:

  1. Please try to place your orders in plenty of time (minimum 4 weeks) – we’re aiming to process orders as quickly and early as possible in the hope that if we are infected and are forced to take time off there’ll still be time to complete orders or to make alternative arrangements.
  2. If our production schedule does become affected then we will keep everyone with pending orders informed of the situation.
  3. You could consider keeping any personalisation general or to a minimum so that items could still be used for future events. You could refrain from referencing the particular event/date on products e.g. just have the name of your club/organisation printed rather than adding “Spring Show 2020”.
  4. At the moment we’re unable to predict any future disruption to our suppliers or delivery services but if this does become an issue we will keep customers informed.