Personal Printing Plates

Plates for the incorporation of your own logo, motif or text (i.e. own font) cost from £18.00.


What does this price cover?

Since your image cannot be transferred to a printing plate on site the fee pays for it to be sent away to a specialist company so that a re-useable plate can be made. For this reason we request a minimum period of 14 days after the approval of artwork for the production of items incorporating the design.

This is a one-off fee – we can use the plate to print an infinite number of centres, ribbons etc. so therefore if you wish to incorporate the same artwork into future orders there are no further extras to pay.

This plate is your property although Accolade Rosettes hold it until requested otherwise. However we do not use it under any circumstances to print items other than those for you or your organisation.

The price stated above is the price for a plate used to print rosette centre boards; complex plates or those for tail printing may cost more.


What do you need to do?

You need to supply us with a monochrome (black and white – no grey) image of your design. This is because it will be used to create a print and therefore midtones cannot be produced. If your design does include midtones and you are unsure how to modify it then we will do our best to simplify it for you.

This image can be supplied in hard form, for example, a letterhead or compliments slip or electronically by email or disk.

You also need to tell us where on the product the design is to be used so that we know what size plate to request.

It is your responsibility to obtain copyright permission to use any designs/logos not belonging to you or your club or organisation, Accolade Rosettes accept no responsibility for breach of copyright.

Accolade Rosettes cannot accept responsibility for how effectively a design will print although we will tell you if we expect your design to be unsuitable. As a rule clear, defined images work best.