Ribbon & Centre Board Colours

Please be aware the colours shown are approximate and should be used for guidance only as they can vary depending on your computer's settings.

Centre Boards

Our rosette prices include your choice of any of the centre board colours shown below.

Standard Ribbon

Our rosette prices include your choice of any of the standard ribbon colours shown below.


If you'd like to incorporate special ribbon into your rosettes or sashes such as metallic, polka dot or tartan you can view our range on our Fancy Ribbon page.


If you'd like your rosettes to be made in our Luxury Ribbon please see the separate colour chart on this page.

Luxury Ribbon

For an additional fee your rosettes can now be made using woven-edge satin. Please contact us for details.

Placing Colours

Here at Accolade Rosettes we're very happy for you to choose any colours you wish for your rosettes but if you'd like some suggestions then the traditional placing colours (UK) are shown below.

Below are the most popular ribbon colours based on the standard scheme shown above:


1st: Cardinal

2nd: Deep Royal

3rd: Yellow

4th: Emerald

5th: Tangerine

6th: Purple


The above colours are often teamed with white, cream or black for rosettes with two or more tiers.


Colour Gradients are also popular:


1st: Cardinal & Strong Pink

2nd: Deep Royal & Adonis

3rd: Yellow & Lemon

4th: Emerald & Apple

5th: Tangerine & Amber

6th: Purple & Lilac

Pinks: Fuchsia & Cyclamen

Turquoises: Aqua & Turquoise


The gradients above can be arranged with white or with a deep shade for rosettes with three or more tiers:

1st: Cherry, Cardinal & Strong Pink

2nd: Navy, Deep Royal & Adonis

3rd: Gold, Yellow & Lemon

4th: Bottle, Emerald & Apple

5th: Tangerine, Amber & Peach

6th: Violet, Purple & Lilac

Pinks: Fuchsia, Cyclamen & Pink

Turquoises: Jade, Aqua & Turquoise

Corporate Colours

If you would like your club, organisation or company's colours included in a design please contact us and we can endeavour to provide a match. This is ideal for campaigns or promotions and when teamed with your own logo this can create really striking rosettes.


The use of corporate colours in placing rosettes and sashes, either solely or alongside the tradional placing colours, is also becoming icreasingly popular particularly for sponsored rosettes.