Horse Show Rosettes

Accolade Rosettes have been supplying rosettes, sashes, lapel badges and competitor numbers to all types of equine events since 2006.

“I was presented with my very first rosette through my love of horses; it was at a Riding School gymkhana in 1993 and was much treasured (despite being a single tier Special!)

Throughout my teens I competed for fun in all sorts of horsey activities; showing, dressage, showjumping, cross country, mounted games etc. before competing more seriously at county shows and in affiliated dressage as an adult. I’ve been lucky enough to win hundreds of rosettes over the years, some better than others, and some more important than others and I know that a rosette can represent more than the ribbon, card and metal that it’s made up of. I also know that a sash is always well received!

Prior to starting Accolade Rosettes my mum, Christine, and I have also been involved in organising horse shows and competitions and in purchasing the rosettes, sashes and show sundries for these events; Christine spent a period as chairperson of our local riding club, I was secretary of the  students' union equestrian club during my time at university and together we also organised charity horse shows to raise funds for a local Riding for the Disabled centre.

This means we have an all-round understanding in the needs and wants of both the buyer and the recipient of our horse show rosettes and sashes."


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